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Strawberry Time - Wines to Pair With Strawberries!

I'm a great believer in simple things done well.  I don't want dried apricots or cranberries in my cheese for instance; just a really good quality cheese please.  

The time of year is again upon us when British strawberries are at their best, and we know that they are the best.  Strawberries grown elsewhere and sold during the rest of the year just aren't the same.  They look good certainly, but the flavour is lacking.  Freshly picked British strawberries at about this time of year, are simply not to be beaten.  They fill a room with their fragrance and, once picked, are really only at their best that same day.  

Fresh cream is usually suggested as the perfect accompaniment.  Not for me I'm afraid.  Nor ice cream, or melted chocolate, or any of the unexpected suggestions such as black pepper or balsamic vinegar.  If the strawberries really are at their best, and fully ripe, just leave them naked please.

I would sanction only one addition, and that would be the ideal drink to accompany them, and we have just the thing...

Brachetto is a red grape variety grown predominantly in Piedmonte in northern Italy where it produces a light, slightly fizzy and gently sweet wine full of fresh red fruit flavours that matches brilliantly with fresh strawberries.  It's a sort of red equivalent to the Moscato d'Asti that we regularly stock.  It is modest in alcohol (just 5.5%) and utterly delicious and we currently have stocks of the 2021 Brachetto d'Acqui, Alasia.  Why not include a bottle on your next order and give it a go?  It's the perfect time of year to try it with this year's crop of strawberries.  Just £8.45 a bottle.


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