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Buying wine is a very hands-on job for some people. Just as when you might buy a second hand car you want to go and kick the wheels and check its provenance, so certain wine customers would never dream of purchasing mail order wines instead of visiting a shop. Others without the time or inclination to do that buy just about everything they need off the web.We understand the needs of both consumers and offer a cover-all service. Our website allows you to buy mail order wines with little direct contact if that suits you, though with the best will in the world there will always be queries and occasional stock problems that are best sorted out by a real live person on the end of a phone. Our shop - small, perhaps scruffy from time to time, but always full of interest - welcomes personal callers if that's the way you prefer it.If you go for the online ordering option, you will find our website to be pretty user friendly with fully accredited and encrypted facilities for taking credit card details. If there is a shortage or query we will contact you direct: we are real people in a real shop with real stock and we try our hardest to ensure that you get bottles of wine appropriate to your budget and needs.

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