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Like most members of the wine trade we have been avid fans of Alsacien wines forever. The public generally still have not caught up with just how good and how deliciously varied the wines from this beautiful corner of France can be. One at a time slowly we are winning them over but some misperceptions remain firmly entrenched, so here are some basic facts.

No, Alsace is not in Germany; it's French. No, the wines are not all sweet; most are dry. No, the wines are not all spicy or flowery; some are piercingly steely and incisive. Sorry if you know that stuff already, but there are thousands who do not. These wines are amongst the cleanest, purest and most food friendly on the planet and there is no other region in any other country in the world that produces such a range of flavours, textures and all-round high quality in an area of this modest acreage. Pure gold - try them all.


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