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French Regional Wines

France is peppered with legendary vineyards in regions which inspire excitement and reverence in the hearts of wine lovers around the globe. Vinophiles beat a path through the hot communes of the Medoc, drool in front of the hill at Hermitage and pose for star struck photos by the Le Montrachet vineyard sign. But how many make a dedicated trip to explore the Départment du Gard? Once outside that well-researched and scarily expensive comfort zone, the French regions are much less well understood and, lacking the multiple endorsements of, say, Bordeaux can be loftily dismissed. Big mistake. Less cramped by tradition and the inflexibilities of rigid AC bureaucracy, there is infinite variety from a realm of permitted grape varieties, more experimentation, considerable passion and, of course, less swanky addresses provide better value. Sure there are disasters and not all wines are equally good by any means, but that's the point of buying from us: we've filtered out all the stinkers and also-rans so that you don't have to.

Please note that other French regional wines are frequent guests on our "just visiting" shelves; please click below to check the full current range.


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