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Giving wine as a gift makes an eloquent present; it speaks a universal language. It says "thank you" to customers, "well done" to staff and "congratulations" to family and friends. However not just any old bottle will do: wine gifts must make the right impact for the right reasons or risk being remembered as a cheap, counterproductive gesture. The trick is to make sure you spend enough on the wine gift of course. This may sound like an odd thing to say but an understanding of how the cost of your wine gift uk is made up will help you avoid the trap of giving a poor gift that nobody will enjoy. Let me explain…There are two taxes on a bottle of wine: VAT, which is added last as a percentage of the price, and Excise Duty, which is a flat rate (the same on all bottles of wine). This means that the cheaper price of the wine, the greater the percentage of Excise Duty is as part of that price. Most other costs on a bottle are fairly fixed (bottle, cork, shipping etc). Successive governments have raised Excise Duty each year, so to maintain the quality of our wine gift we need to raise the price we pay for a bottle of wine. If we don’t pay a bit more as the tax rises we will have to put up with decreasing quality of our wine gift since as the Excise Duty goes up, the amount spent on the quality of the drink gets squeezed unless we spend correspondingly more. The message here is that if you have traditionally given gifts of a couple of bottles of wine and your budget is £10 (and has been £10 for the past few years) the quality of what you have given has been going down. There are two ways to resolve this: either increase your budget (which you may not wish, or be able, to do) or make better use of your money by spending your £10 on one bottle rather than two. Surely one super bottle as a gift is a more positive present than two bottles of rubbish? Our list is big brand free and wine gifts uk can be chosen from a selection of true quality and originality. Ubiquitous names from the usual high street outlets and supermarkets might suggest a lack of thought and offer uninspiring options. The place to look for bespoke wine gifts uk is among the ranks of independent growers, whose dazzling array of individual styles can provide an answer for nearly all occasions and budgets. Just make sure you spend enough to avoid giving dross. There cannot be many people anywhere who do not enjoy receiving a present of wine. As a traditional gift at Christmas or for birthdays it's hard to beat, but it is equally effective in the corporate world. Wine gifts show that managers care in acknowledging anniversaries and exceptional service; they make excellent customer and staff incentives; they fit easily into company PR initiatives and provide perfect motivation in reward schemes. Wines of Interest can supply complete solutions whether you need a single bottle or multiple parcels for your UK wine gift. Consignments can be sent to individual addresses throughout mainland England and Wales. Please click on Our Services to find full details of deliveries and charges.

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