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Not many years ago the demand for Australian wines was heavy and, in some quarters, none too choosy. Today, while independent Australian winemakers have learnt variation, embraced different grape varieties and now reflect the nature of their region in the character of their products, the solid, one dimensional variety of big brand at the commercial end of the market now bores the more interested drinker. Anything that turns people away from the price cons and ordinariness of such lines is to be welcomed, but the danger is that, as with Liebfraumilch in Germany, they may put some consumers off all Aussie wine which would be a big mistake. Get away from that uninspired level and you enter a different world where you rediscover the passion and graft that differentiates the lacklustre from the delicious and original. Sadly market forces have led to a number of deletions, though many other lines will come and go over the year. Click below to see what else we have in stock.


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