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2019 Chateau La Grangeotte, Bordeaux Rouge 13.5%

M. Bonnefin is the vigneron owner of this property and is straight out of central casting as a grizzled, weatherbeaten operative in the Resistance.  He manages the vineyards sustainably, working with a local cooperative, Cave de Rauzan, to produce the wines.  Cave de Rauzan is a shining example of how modern producers can, with the right investment and will, keep the impact of their labours to a minimum environmentally while being a force for good societally.  C de R encourages and trains its members in organic and eco-responsible viticulture.  It supports young farmers, offers a guarantee of traceability and maintains a local purchasing rate of more than 80%.  The cellar recovers and recycles 99% of its waste and has created water treatment plants at all three of its sites.  5% of its bottles are lightened and all are made from recycled glass.  It is the first – and currently only - winemaking company in Bordeaux to be formally accorded “Sustainable Winegrowing of France”  It’s fantastic to see this industry cleaning up its act in such exemplary fashion This wine has a typical right-bank blend of Merlot, predominantly, with a fifth each of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Its clean, plummy fruit puts it well with red meats of all sorts and feathered game, though lamb is a favourite.

This shows Merlot's characteristic plummy notes, with added pep and texture from the two Cabernets.  It is fresh and bright on the palate with smooth, supple tannins.

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