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Port & Sherry Offer

We are pleased to offer the following 5 Ports and one Sherry at reduced prices from now until the end of December (stocks permitting):


Krohn Reserve Ruby Port
Reduced from £15.25 to £13.95
This is what was previously called "Rio Torto".  The fruit comes from Krohn's Quinta do Retiro Novo Estate on the Rio Torto which joins the Douro just south of Pinhao.  This port is aged for 2 years in traditional port "pipes" (547 litre oak casks) before being bottled unfiltered.  A significant step up from basic Ruby.

Krohn 2015 Late Bottled Vintage Port (2016 will follow)
Reduced from £17.95 to £14.95
Krohn produce traditional LBVs which are neither fined nor filtered.  They tend to spend between 4 and 6 years in cask but are intended for immediate drinking upon release.  Decanting recommended.

Krohn 10 Year Old Tawny Port
Reduced from £22.00 to £19.95
This really stood out at a recent tasting and we will be showing it at our forthcoming Charistmas Winetasting (click here for details of that tasting).  No need to decant this one and it and keeps well once opened.

Krohn 2010 Colheita Port
Reduced from £26.50 to £22.50
Another Tawny, but this time from a single vintage and bottled in 2022 giving this 12 years in cask.  Whilst the aim with the 10 Year Old Tawny above is to produce a consistent style year on year, using skilled blending to smooth out the differences between the vintages, Colheitas are a celebration of specific vintages (in this case 2010) and only available in limited quantities.  Again this will keep well once opened.

Krohn 2003 Vintage Port
Reduced from £47.50 to £44.00
How many ready-to-drink Vintage Ports do you reckon there are these days for under £50 a bottle?  Not many!  We didn't buy very much of this but can probably get more.  2003 seems young still doesn't it, until you remember that it's almost 20 years ago.  This is ready now, but there's no rush.  Needs decanting.


Classic Manzanilla, Fernando de Castilla
Reduced from £13.95 to £12.95
Manzanilla - if you know, you know.  If you don't know you should find out.  If it turns out not to be your thing we don't mind because it means there's more for us.  Manzanilla is a style that's lighter and crisper even than Fino.  It's the perfect aperitif.  Serve chilled with nuts, olives and at least one top up of Manzanilla!  If you want the complete Sherry story please click here.

Bin Ends

It's OK, we understand that because we've got Christmas deals out there now in the form of the above offers, other reduced price deals and our Christmas Made Easy Mixed Cases that it's easy to overlook our range of Bin Ends.  We've still got some fabulous wines looking for loving homes though including the Vouvray Cher et Tendre, that fabulous Seriously Cool Chenin Blanc from Waterkloof and the Barbera Ceppi Storici.  We still love all of these, it's simply that we can't keep adding new stuff in without making room.  We've lumped all the offers into one section of the website though so you can see everything at once.  Handy eh?  Simply click here to view. 

Christmas Winetasting Tickets

Please click here to order your ticket for our forthcoming tasting.

The tasting will be the usual "walk round" format with tables manned by some of our suppliers and will be open from 4pm to 9pm.  We will again be joined by our friends from The Artisan Smokehouse and Betty & Miller.  You'll need at least an hour to do the tasting justice.


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