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Cheaper Than 2019…

Yes, it's true. We have a wine on offer at the moment that is currently cheaper than it was in 2019.

I was running a winetasting last week which has been a regular feature in my diary for many years. We've skipped a couple though due to the pandemic so I dug out the tasting list from 2019 to remind myself of what we tasted at this event 3 years ago.

On the list was the then current vintage of Santa Digna Cabernet Sauvignon Rose from Torres in Chile and I noted the price back in 2019 was £9.50 a bottle. Since then, with the well-reported increases in shipping, dry goods etc the shelf price has crept up to £10.85.

The UK Importer were keen to shuffle through the remaining stocks of the 2020 and we bought some at a discounted price which we have simply passed on. We tasted a bottle from current stock just to make sure it was still drinking well, and it is. We are therefore able to offer our remaining stocks of the 2020 at £1.50 a bottle off, making the price £9.35 a bottle. There's the usual 5% for orders (which may be mixed) of 12 or more bottles.

We've never held with the idea that rosé is only for summer. After all, you don't stop drinking white in the winter do you? Nothing could be better with that Boxing Day cold turkey sandwich than a glass of this! Offer available while stocks last…

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