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You Couldn't Make It Up…

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Some stories are impossible to invent. They are just too ridiculous to be a creation of the human mind.  This is one such...

Back in the spring we were contacted by Anglian Water who felt that our water meter - unusually located right in the centre of our building - needed to be replaced. The old one worked, but needed someone to enter the building to read it manually. The new generation of meters may be "read" (by bluetooth we understand) from outside the building, thus saving costs. We went along with this. Little did we know...

The meter was exchanged in May and all seemed well initially. We checked it a month and a bit later but noticed something strange.  The meter was counting backwards... Further investigations revealed that the Anglian Water plumber who'd replaced the meter had put the new one in the wrong way round.  So, Anglian Water returned to correct this mistake and re-install the meter the right way round.

Fast forward a few days and we noticed a wet patch appearing on the floor near the new meter.  Further investigations (by us, and involving the removal lots of damp cardboard - empty boxes thankfully) revealed what we believed to be the issue - an elderly joint between the old lead pipe bringing water into the building and the new one that leads to the new meter - which had previously been working perfectly - was damp. It seems that meter removal, installation, removal and installation a second time, had proved too much for this joint to take.  

Anglian Water were summoned again to attempt to replace the joint only to discover that they could not fully shut off the water supply to the building using the external stopcock because it is so old that it won't fully close. At this point we were tuning up for several choruses of The Gas-Man Cometh by Flanders & Swann...

We understand that we are "on the list" for the external stopcock to be replaced so that the water may be fully shut off to enable the replacement of the troublesome joint. In the meantime our damp patch is slowly growing and getting closer to some of our stock.

Now we could of course move the stock (and will if we have to) but it seems to us that it makes more sense to sell it - then we only have to move it once... So here, with the most unlikely back story, is an offer to shift some stock on a couple of our lines before the growing tide starts to be soaked up by the boxes.

2021 Silver Myn Argentum, Banghoek, South Africa

2022 Finca Vista Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

Should you wish to collect your order, you might like to bring a pair of wellies...


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