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Grape Varieties: Viognier

All about Viognier WineViogner wine has grown in popularity as a result of the continuing quest for alternatives to Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Viogner originates from the northern part of the Rhone Valley with several pockets dotted throughout the Languedoc. Viogner is a difficult grape to grow.  It is prone to disease and deciding when to pick grapes is a vital decision because when it is under-ripe does not have the chance to develop its full flavour and if left to become over-ripe produces wines that can be a little oily and flabby.Viogner when picked at perfect ripeness shows marked aromatic characteristics; typically peaches or apricots with a degree of florality.  A few winemakers give it time in oak but on the whole wines made from Viogner are intended for drinking within a few years when the floral and fruity notes of are at their most attractive.Viogner also makes an excellent blending partner, lending scent and weight to less well blessed grape varieties.  It has been blended with Syrah in the northern Rhone to make Cote Rotie and adds a degree of freshness and perfume to a weighty red wine.  New World producers are following suit with many Shiraz/Voigner blends now appearing.

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