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Unintended Consequences

With the recent announcement of a General Election on 4th July and likely change of government, it's worth just reminding everyone of the changes to Excise Duty that the current lot have set running. They have implications on the quality of what you're drinking you see. I will explain...

The current government have introduced a sliding scale of tax on wine so that every half a degree more of alcohol will attract a bit more Excise Duty. This kicks in (as things stand) in February 2025 though they tweaked the rates last August and generated something of an anomaly.

There is currently a big difference between duty on bottles at 11% abv and bottles at 11.5% abv and above. This has resulted in a number of wine producers dropping the alcoholic content of some of their wines down to 11% simply so that they attract less duty and can sit at a cheaper price on the shelf.

The big boys are doing this a lot where they believe that either (a) the wine can take it or (b) the customers won't notice. I have three wines where this has happened: the two Tierra de Estrellas Chilean wines (Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot) and the Pinot Grigio Mirabello.

We also stock the Pinot Grigio Rose Mirabello which is 12% abv and priced at £9.70. The white has dropped to 11% abv and is £8.95.  You get the point.

Recently I had the opportunity to taste the two Mirabellos side by side and, though you might not think it, the difference is marked. They are effectively the same wine but the rose has more skin contact to make it pink as well as the degree more alcohol. Frankly, I'd rather pay the bit extra and drink the rose.

Here's a deal on the final bottles of the 2022 Pinot Grigio Terrazze della Luna from Trentino which I'm looking to move through to make room for the 2023. It is reassuringly finished at 12.5% abv, which is exactly where it should be and is head and shoulders above most others as a result.

Pick 'n' Mix Offer

Last call on the Pick 'n' Mix Offer which finishes next week.  Please click here to see what's left.... I'm amazed that we still have some of those halves of Manzanilla left in the Online Deals section of the website - they are seriously cheap... Please click here to see...

There'll be some new stuff coming in June including a Rose Six Pack Offer.


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