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The Price of Fuel & Wine Tasting Dates

We saw a cartoon this week (from the brilliant "Mac") showing a couple sitting at their kitchen table reading the paper.  Husband says to wife "I've done the sums and we can either fill the car up with petrol, or buy Chelsea Football club."

We've had a letter from the national carriers we use (APC) saying that the recent increases in the cost of fuel (diesel specifically) have proved to be the "straw that broke the camel's back" and that, having absorbed a number of recent fuel increases, the latest sharp rises leave them no option other than to put their own prices up.

Despite this, we will be keeping our own delivery charges the same for the time being.  We base our charges on a combination of order value and delivery location: The more you order and the closer you are the cheaper it is to have your order delivered.  We've also made sure that the steps between our rates are sufficiently close together that it's fairly easy to get to a cheaper delivery charge just by ordering a bit more.  You can find full details here.

So, if getting to the shop is a bore - and UK Power Networks have added to the mix this week by digging up Handford Road, which meant temporary traffic lights and the associated delays, please remember that we do deliver. 

Our van covers Ipswich and the area south of the A14 on Thursdays (Shotley Peninsula, Manningtree, Colchester and just beyond, over to Hadleigh etc...) and goes north of the A14 on Fridays covering Felixstowe, Martlesham, Kesgrave, Woodbridge and as far north as Bungay, Diss and as far west as Bury St. Edmunds returning via Stowmarket and the villages north of Ipswich.

If you fancy a look at the new lines we have recently added to our range (and more are on the way) please click here.

In the meantime perhaps we should add a sign to the back of the van saying "no fuel is left in this vehicle overnight"...?

Wine Tasting Dates

We have tentatively made pencil bookings with Ipswich Town Football Club to hold two tastings this year on the following dates:

Thursday 19th May
Thursday 17th November

More details in due course.


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