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Southern Lights Sauvignon Blanc

About this time last year we were struggling to secure stocks of Southern Lights Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.  A couple of tricky harvests had led to a shortage of fruit that pushed availability down and prices up..

It's common practice for many NZ producers to make their main wine from their very best fruit (with such wines selling at £15-£20 and above) and release any surplus to be sold under a different label.  The Southern Lights Sauvignon Blanc is just such a wine but with the shortage of fruit the producer had to retain virtually the whole harvest for their main wine and Southern Lights briefly disappeared.

The good news though is that things down under seem to be returning to a more stable footing and we again have decent stocks of Southern Lights Sauvignon Blanc.  Even better news is that we bought it at old duty rates so the price of £11.75 will be good for a while yet.  It will be going up when we re-buy it though - just so you know...

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