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Vermut, Blanco Fernando de Castilla, Jerez 15.0%

This is made from Moscatel and Palomino grapes which are combined with a total of 18 botanicals to produce this fresh and medium white vermouth which has an apetising bitterness similar to (but less pronounced than) Campari. Serve over ice with a twist of lemon or orange peel, or just add a good slug of your favourite gin for a top-of-the-range martini.

Jerez was an important region for the production of vermouth (vermut) but this died out in the late 1960s. Fernando de Castilla were a registered vermut producer - so fast-forward 50 years to when it's once again popular (both in Spanish and UK bars) and they have brought Vermut back to life! The grapes are pressed and fermented in stainless steel, then aged in barrel for around 4 years. The wine is then infused with several botanicals including wormwood, orange and lemon peel, and cloves.

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