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Manzanilla Pasada En Rama "Pastora", Bodegas Barbadillo 15.0% HALF BOTTLE - 37.5cl

Manzanilla Pasada is aged Manzanilla. In this case aged for 9 years rather than up to 6. The effect of this extra age is that the covering of Flor starts to fade and the Manzanilla takes on a fuller and richer style, as if thinking of taking its first steps towards becoming an Amontillado. It is still authentic Manzanilla though, but richer, fuller and slightly darker in colour. Here it is "En Rama" meaning "in the raw" so only given the gentlest of filtrations to preserve the Sherry as closely as possible to the way it would be drawn straight from the cask. Simply delicious! Read more on our blog

Manzanilla – a style of Fino made in Sanlucar de Barrameda which, being by the sea, inherits a salty tang whilst ageing and is lighter, crisper and even drier than other Finos. The same rules apply about keeping it fresh, buying halves to assist if appropriate, and serving chilled. Warning – this stuff is dangerously addictive! Look out for Manzanilla Pasada which is an older Manzanilla (about 7 years) where the veil of flor starts to fade and the wine takes on a richer style. Some Bodegas stop short of Pasada status but still produce an older Manzanilla which has a bit more concentration and depth than the regular version.

You can read our Sherry Guide here.

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