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Amaretto Veneziano, Saliza, Bepe Tosolini 28.0%

This may sound like an odd claim but this Amaretto is made from real almonds (most aren't you see). Tasted alongside one of the most widely seen brands the difference was staggering. This has a purity of flavour and is not too sweet. Simply delicious!

Bepi Tosolini Saliza is a traditional Italian amaretto made with crushed almonds rather than concentrates or extracts. The name is taken from an old Venetian legend. Salizada refers to one of the first paved streets in Venice, near Piazza San Marco there is a small Saliza (one of the smallest allies in Venice) where you can still find a red stone in the shape of a heart. The legend goes that when lovers touch it they will love each other for ever after. 28% abv is obtained using only brandy and pure eaux de vie.


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