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Rosso Passo & Colle dei Tigli Deal

Here's a curious thing.  We moved on to the 2022 vintage of Rosso Passo from Cantine Lenotti about a month ago.  I ordered some more but when it arrived it was the 2021 vintage.  I queried this with the supplier and it seemed that their bonded warehouse hadn't rotated their stocks properly and had sent some 2022 out before they'd used up all of the 2021.

The supplier offered to exchange the 2021 for the 2022 but I said I would sell it through as the wine is excellent.  However, moving back a vintage offends my well-ordered mind so I'd like to move the 2021 through.

As you may know the Rosso Passo has a sister white wine called Colli dei Tigli which is the same price.  I don't really need to shift that as it's already the 2022 vintage, but it makes sense to run the offer on both, especially as I know some people missed out on the Altano Branco deal I sent out last week and may be on the lookout for a crisp, fresh white with the warmer weather approaching.  The more I sell of these the sooner I can re-order from the supplier...

Please order online if you'd like to take advantage of these promotional prices.

Here are the wines; both now added to our Online Deals:

2021 Rosso Passo, Cantine Lenotti, Veneto, Italy 12.5%reduced from £12.50 to £11.75
50/50 Merlot & Sangiovese.  Authentically Italian flavours from the Sangiovese but with the softness of Merlot that results in one of the most approachable red wines I know.  Everyone who buys this seems to come back for more.

[2022 Colle dei Tigli, Cantine Lenotti, Veneto 12.5%]2022 Colle dei Tigli, Cantine Lenotti, Veneto, Italy 12.5%  reduced from £12.50 to £11.75
50/50 Cortese & Garganega.  That's the grape variety of Soave and the grape variety of Gavi combined into a fresh, gently floral, crisp dry white which is greater than the sum of its parts, and the reason we don't stock either Soave or Gavi.

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