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Grape Varieties: Riesling

All about Riesling WineRiesling is one of the finest white grapes, it makes the best wines of Germany on the banks of the Rhine and Mosel and some of the best wines in Alsace in eastern France.  Riesling ripens late and produces relatively little juice but is susceptible to noble rot (botrytis cinerea) which is a mould that is responsible for producing the greatest sweet wines in the world.Riesling is also widely planted in the New World especially in Australia and New Zealand, and produces a very different style of Riesling to the Rieslings of Europe.  Until the 1990s Riesling was the most widely planted white grape variety in Australia, having been overtaken now by Chardonnay.   In Germany Rieslings are delicate yet long-lived wines in all styles from dry to very sweet and they tend to have relatively low alcoholic content.  In the New World Rieslings tend to be sturdier as a result of the variety developing a thicker skin than in Europe because of the warmer climate.  German and Alsatian Rieslings often exhibit notes of petrol and vegetation on the nose where Rieslings from the New World have more of a citrus character with the cooler climate of New Zealand producing lighter and more delicate Rieslings than Australia.There are also plantings of Riesling in South Africa, Chile, Canada, Austria, California, Oregon and Eastern Europe.

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