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We remain unconvinced by almost all the big names in Champagne. The big brands strive to maintain high market profiles with expensive sponsorships and glossy advertising of frantic financial outlay. This needs to be recouped and therefore a large portion of marketing spend is an integral part of the retail price. You pay to enhance their swollen corporate egos. We are sad to have to tell you that Joel and Hedwige Rasselet, with whom we traded in one incarnation or another for over 30 years, have retired and sold their vineyards. The principle still pertains however and our Champagnes come from smaller producers like Gremillet who put quality ahead of noise. Veuve Fourny make a thrillingly crisp, dancing Blanc de Blancs and Paul Dethune's "Cuvee a l'Ancienne" is simply one of the best Champagnes we have ever tasted. You should also try the Furleigh Estate Classic Cuvee from Dorset which does a top rate job.


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