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As you will be aware global supply chains are facing enormous challenges. Surging consumer demand, huge increases in energy and transport prices, covid and the disruption caused by the war in Ukraine have led to corresponding cost increases for manufacturers of many of the dry goods and logistics services which we and our producer partners depend upon to make, package, ship and redistribute wines to our door.

The frequency and magnitude of the increases we have learnt since the turn of the year are unprecedented and, unfortunately, costs are now at a level where suppliers must pass on many of these increases mid-year.  Normally this is taken care of in the spring with new vintages standing by and any effects of duty rises included.  We do our best to stick to these for at least the next trading year. Unfortunately there are just too many factors beyond our control in 2022 and a pricing update is inevitable and unavoidable.

Wines of Interest has always costed honestly, wine by wine, and this is something which will never change. In March 2022 you will have seen that we only passed on the real increases we faced and many prices remained unchanged, despite warning noises on the jungle drums. We have not taken a broad brushstroke approach to this very serious situation and will continue to hold pricing wherever possible.  We will remain tuned in to our sources of information and should costs fall and we are in a position to lower prices, we will of course do so.

We understand the pressures faced by all during these continued turbulent times and our priority remains in providing you with a service and portfolio that offers a value: quality ratio we can all be proud of.

We will begin to update our retail prices on 1st September, and not every line is affected, but that gives you a good couple of weeks to order in some stock at current rates.  Remaining stocks of our pre-mixed cases are all costed at old rates and prices of these will continue unchanged while stocks last.

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Wine Courses

Our chum Helen Duddridge is running another Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 1 Award in Wines Course in September details of which may be found by clicking here.  Helen is a member of the Association of Wine Educators and a recommended tutor and approved programme provider for the WSET who always makes learning about wine fun.  If you've always wanted to know more here is your chance!


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