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Mystery Six Packs & Prices

Would you believe it... Of all the variants of Mystery Six Packs that we assembled last month the one that sold out was the De Luxe version.  We have therefore created a new (and more prestigious) De Luxe version in the hope that someone, somewhere, fancies a real "spoiler". Please click here for details, though obviously there aren't that many details or they wouldn't be a mystery would they...!

There's also a few Bin Ends to move through which you can also find in the Online Deals section of our website. 

Prices etc

Early rumblings regarding 2023 prices seem to suggest that the major challenge currently is the cost of stuff you don't drink - glass, cardboard, transport etc - which will have a disproportionate effect on lower priced wines where that element makes up a greater proportion of the final selling price.  Our advice therefore remains unchanged - you just need to make sure that most of what you spend goes on the bit that you actually end up drinking.  We will continue to focus on quality and value for money as we always have done and will have some new and exciting discoveries to bring you in the coming months.


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