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Situated on the banks of the Guadelete at Puerto de Santa Maria
Don Juan-Carlos Gutierez Colosia produces very fine Puerto Fino and
his Amontillado del Puerto and Oloroso del Puerto are exceptional. 
Recently voted one of the top 25 wine producers in Spain..Good Sherry is the best value, but most underrated fine wine in the world. The Manzanilla Sanluquena is the best straight Manzanilla we've tasted to date, while the Bajo de Guia is from an older solera, chalky, refined and stunning. If you think those are superb - and they are - you should treat yourself to the Saeta Pasada which is ethereally fine. The Fino from Don Juan Carlos Gutierez Colosia is just sensational. For a rare treat, Fernando de Castilla's Antique Oloroso is about as good as it gets, concentrated, ancient and mouthfilling. For decent, simple, commercial sherries, Delgado Zuleta's Fino, Amontillado and Cream are hard to beat. Delgado Zuleta are based in Sanlucar where a lighter style prevails. Their Amontillados are fresher than those from Jerez as they are based on old Manzanilla soleras.