Too much advice is bad for you

Too much advice is bad for you
January 27, 2016
       Jim struggled home with his bag of shopping, it was heavy and the sifting rain made his walk back pretty miserable.  He hoped that Nell, his wife, would weave her magic with the bag’s contents and make his efforts worthwhile.  She had packed him off with a list of ingredients for a number of […]
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Alcohol: Units & Calories
January 26, 2012
Wines of Interest is committed to the Public Health Responsibility Deal in relation to the consumption of alcohol.  To this extent we have issued this information leaflet on alcoholic units, how to calculate them and the associated calorific values.  Please note however that we are Wine Merchants and not doctors nor scientists.  If you require […]
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Who is allowed to tell us how much to drink?
July 28, 2011
The latest edition of Harpers Wine & Spirit Trade Review – the weekly wine trade publication – contains details of their “Responsibility OK” campaign urging companies in the drinks trade to sign up to seven alcohol responsibility pledges.  It’s a trade led campaign aimed at nudging everyone towards a healthier approach to alcohol consumption in […]
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