Natural Wine & Sustainability

Natural Wine & Sustainability
May 7, 2017
Two concepts have entered the world of wine in recent years which we feel we should update you on; “Natural Wine” and “Sustainability”.  Here, therefore, is our take on them with a quick reminder of a couple of other related terms: Let’s address the concept of Sustainable Wine first, which we should consider alongside Organic […]
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Doing The Right Thing
March 12, 2017
Some things are just instinctive, like chasing that shoplifter the other day who burst into the shop just before we closed and helped himself to a six pack of someone else’s wine, boxed up earlier that day and awaiting collection.  There was no thinking required, it was just obvious.  It was simply the right thing […]
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What's The Point Of Paying More...?
May 18, 2015
“So, when I pay £10 or £15 for a bottle, what do I get for my money?  What is it in that bottle that justifies the extra cost?”  This was a perfectly reasonable question posed at a talk I had been asked to present to a group of local businessmen and women.  There are a […]
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Domaine Charles Baur, Eguisheim
August 13, 2013
We estimate that for every wine we eventually include in our range we taste over 30 samples; most are rejected because either they not good enough, or not interesting enough, or simply because they are too expensive for what they are.  A few areas of our list present us with a different sort of challenge […]
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