Call Time On Duty

Call Time On Duty
January 15, 2014
Now that the smoke has cleared away from Christmas and the New Year celebrations we start to look forward to the late winter and spring tastings put on by our suppliers.  It’s part of the planning process to fill gaps in the list and to discover new lines and new growers, as well as consolidating […]
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Cheers George...!
March 22, 2013
Well, that was interesting wasn’t it! George Osborne is apparently keen to support people who sell and drink beer, but not those who sell and drink wine.  The scrapping of the beer duty escalator in this week’s Budget, whilst very welcome, is only a job half done.  What about scrapping the escalator for the rest […]
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Minimum Unit Pricing "on the rocks"...?
March 13, 2013
We learn this morning that the government shows “weak leadership” on the issue of a minimum price for alcohol in England and Wales because ministers can’t agree on the policy.  Actually, this is just symptomatic of a government without a working majority rather than indecisiveness; a handful of dissenting voices would be irrelevant with a […]
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