Who is allowed to tell us how much to drink?
July 28, 2011
The latest edition of Harpers Wine & Spirit Trade Review – the weekly wine trade publication – contains details of their “Responsibility OK” campaign urging companies in the drinks trade to sign up to seven alcohol responsibility pledges.  It’s a trade led campaign aimed at nudging everyone towards a healthier approach to alcohol consumption in […]
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Gold Medal? So What!
July 20, 2011
Walking through town today I passed a pub advertising “Award Winning Wines” and I wondered whether anyone has ever looked at this and thought “Award winning eh?  I’ll pop in for a glass!” I suppose some see a certain reassurance from a medal on a bottle, but (remember the Emperor who placed such trust in […]
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Contains Sulphites...?
February 16, 2011
We’ve had a few enquiries about the wording on wine labels that reads “contains sulphites” which does tend to look scary as if somehow wine has suddenly had some sinister additive included suddenly.  In fact, it’s just one of many tools used by winemakers, and it’s a labelling rule that tells only half the story. […]
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When Prosecco is not Prosecco
February 10, 2011
First there was Sparkling Saumur, then there was Cava.  Blanquette de Limoux was in there somewhere as well, but the fashionable non-Champagne sparkler of the moment seems to be Prosecco.  Clean, refreshing fizz from Northern Italy, in either “spumante” (fully sparkling) or frizzante (semi-sparkling) and made from the Prosecco grape.  Simple eh? Except it isn’t.  […]
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Mulled Wine
November 8, 2010
If you like the warming effect of a glass (or mug)! of mulled wine during the autumn and winter months it really is worth making the effort to make your own mulled wine.  Don't be tempted by the tea-bag style sachets of gunk which are somehow supposed to magically convert regular red plonk into delicious […]
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Rolf Binder
October 27, 2010
Deep in the heart of the Barossa Valley in South Australia lies the winery of Rolf Binder who, along with his sister Christa, make a captivating range of wines.  Rolf’s father, Rolf Snr, was a Hungarian immigrant in 1950 who arrived in Oz with his Austrian wife Franziska.  Initially they worked on the railways but […]
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Half Price Wine
October 6, 2010
You see them all the time don’t you – half price wine offers (well, not at Wines of Interest actually – unless you’re a member of the Sampling Club). Was £9.99 now £4.98 and so on. Let’s be absolutely clear about this – there are only three mechanisms that enable retailers to sell wine at […]
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Alcohol Pricing
September 29, 2010
Good old Tescos eh? Way back in May they grandly announced that they would support a minimum price for alcohol as long as it became a legal requirement (which incidentally did make me wonder if they only refuse sales to customers under 18 because it is a legal requirement rather than simply the responsible thing […]
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