How To Taste...
October 7, 2016
Picture this; some smartarse has plonked an unknown glass of wine down in front of you and said, “Right then, tell me about this.”  God I hate it when that happens.  You’re trapped, but you have three options.  Adopt a wide-eyed look of studied innocence, glance upward slowly at your halo and announce, “I am […]
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Two Birds Spirits
May 5, 2016
The seriously annoying call centres that constantly peddle cheaper gas or electricity have an unerring tendency to up their call rate on Friday afternoons.  A few weeks ago, on a Friday during which we had already seen off five of these jokers, a late shout from an unknown number had me flexing my trigger finger.  […]
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Too much advice is bad for you
January 27, 2016
       Jim struggled home with his bag of shopping, it was heavy and the sifting rain made his walk back pretty miserable.  He hoped that Nell, his wife, would weave her magic with the bag’s contents and make his efforts worthwhile.  She had packed him off with a list of ingredients for a number of […]
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Short on Sparkle...? Nah...
May 27, 2015
Wine fashionistas have been panicked recently by rumours working back from Italy that there is going to be a shortage of Prosecco. The Sunday papers suggested that droves of Ladies Who Lunch would be trawling the nation’s shelves with sharp elbows and flailing handbags, prepared to defend their hard won stash to the death. One […]
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Time to look beyond Chateauneuf…?
May 18, 2015
At the southern end of the RhoneValley, just to the south of the village of Vaison-la-Romaine, the Dentelles de Montmirail dominate the skyline.  The Dentelles are a small chain of mountains which are effectively the foothills of the highest peak in Provence, Mont Ventoux, situated just to the east.  They have something of an impressive […]
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What's The Point Of Paying More...?
May 18, 2015
“So, when I pay £10 or £15 for a bottle, what do I get for my money?  What is it in that bottle that justifies the extra cost?”  This was a perfectly reasonable question posed at a talk I had been asked to present to a group of local businessmen and women.  There are a […]
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Spring Wine Offer 2015
March 19, 2015
Right then.  Some of you have done dry January and by the time you get this others will have nearly completed their Lenten deprivation.  By the beard of Zeus, some of you will have done both.  Eeeek.  Well done. Now that, surely, is enough flagellation for the time being.  Demonstrating considerable dedication to duty you […]
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Chateau l’Ermitage, Costieres de Nimes
March 3, 2015
We’ve stocked the ‘Tradition’ wines from Chateau l’Ermitage in Costieres de Nimes before, but the new vintages (tasted at a recent event in London) reminded us of just how good the wines from this property are.  If anything, the latest versions are even more impressive than their predecessors and we simply couldn’t resist!   The […]
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Striking The Wrong Note
February 23, 2015
The latest issue of one of our trade publications carried a lead story last week about retailers who quote reviews and scores on wines by the American wine writer Robert Parker being sent a $199 annual invoice for a “commercial subscription” to his publication The Wine Advocate.  Apparently this is something that many wine writers […]
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In Praise of Godello
January 14, 2015
We have an old-ish copy of Hugh Johnson’s World Atlas of Wine in the office (the 3rd Edition from 1985) which makes no mention of most of the wine regions which make up our current Spanish selection.  Galicia is mentioned as an afterthought, at the bottom of the final paragraph in the page covering Spain.  […]
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Think About It...!
December 6, 2014
It’s just over 2 weeks before Christmas and the shop is buzzing.  My colleague is already busy with a customer and I can see another one coming up the steps to the shop. The phone rings.  Do I answer it or leave it for the answerphone so that I can serve the next customer?  I […]
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Black Friday...?
November 27, 2014
So, Black Friday cometh. Cometh from across the pond with banners waving and all to generate an anticipated retail feeding frenzy for one day.  Just to make it absolutely clear, we at Wines of Interest will not be participating.  This is because we publish a range of discounted offers, individual price reductions and multi-buy offers […]
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