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Wine Sampling Club

Each month, we select two wines - normally a red and a white - which we think are interesting and good value. We send members details of these by e-mail at the beginning of each month. They then have the opportunity to buy, during that month only, one bottle of each wine as a sample at half the list price. The spirit of the scheme anticipates that all members will, at some stage, discover wines that they would like to re-buy.

Any samples chosen must either be collected from the Burlington Road shop by each individual member or delivered as part of a minimum order of 12 bottles or equivalent during the appropriate month only. A charge may apply to delivered orders (see “Delivery Zones”). Further bottles of the month's samples can be bought during the month at a discounted rate (representing about 5% off our retail prices) regardless of quantity. Only one membership per household is permitted.

The subscription is £3.25 per month from now to the end of January.

Contact us now for an application form