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First of all we have Carpenter's Gin, distilled just a few miles from our shop on the outskirts of Ipswich. It's based on a historic London Dry recipe from the 1800's - smooth enough to sip, bold enought to mix.

Two Birds Gin, Vodka and Vodka Infusions are the products of a relatively new craft distiller in Leicestershire. They make small batches of very high grade Vodka from a combination of sugar beet and barley; it is astonishingly smooth and makes a most refined base for their beautifully accurate fruit flavoured vodkas.

On first thought this might look like a curious direction for Wines of Interest to take; the straight lines are all well and good, the fruity variants might raise a little interest but the final two are just downright weird, aren't they? Hands up - we thought so too....until we tasted them and found them to be extraordinarily good with elegant flavours stylishly and precisely meeting the description on the label in a not-too-sweet and skilfully unconfected way. They all work, not because they are some sort of gimmick, but because they are darned good. All you have to do is to ditch your preconceptions and you can like them too!