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Austrian Wines

Austria is Europe's last, hidden wine secret. Obvious cultural similarities link Austria firmly to Germany and, by association, in the eyes of most British consumers, Austrian wines are assumed to be plainly Germanic in style. Since, in their turn, German wines are also grossly misjudged by all but the converted, Austria suffers a double misunderstanding.

In fact Austrian wines have their own styles and stand up there, independent of any other European comparison, alongside the finest the rest of the world can offer. Each of Austria's distinct wine growing areas has its own climate and microclimates and is home to a bewildering range of grape varieties, including a number of indigenous examples - white and red - which provide astonishing quality. One of these - Gruner Veltliner - is hugely versatile, making white wines from clean simplicity to sumptuously complex, from bone dry to intensely sweet. Red Austrian wines made from grapes such as Zweigelt, Blaufrankisch or St. Laurent can be concentrated, fine and long-lived.

Like Alsace, Austrian wines offer thinking drinkers a whole range of different flavours miles away from the supermarket brands. All shades of dryness, delicacy, sweetness, strength, red, white, pink and sparkling can be found here. We wish we could list more - there are plenty that we would love to show - but until the British consumer comes round and shakes off old prejudices from the wine scandal of 1985 (no big deal then and long past now), these bottles will not achieve the recognition that they so richly deserv

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