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2011 Vintage Port Offer

The 2011 vintage in the Douro began with a warm spring which led to early flowering and was followed by three very dry months where rainfall only reached 25mm compared to the average of 94mm.  Well timed rains then arrived on 21st August creating ideal conditions for ripening and harvest which were so perfect as to be almost unprecedented.  As a result 2011 was a vintage of exceptional quality and the resulting wines are expected to age superbly over the coming decades.
Despite an abundance of excellent quality fruit the selection process was rigorous.  The Graham’s 2011 Vintage, for example, amounts to 8,000 cases or just 9% of the total production from their five Graham vineyards.  Available quantities are tiny and these are wines which will be much sought after and should gain considerably in value over the coming years. 
2011 is a much smaller vintage than any of the previously declared vintages this century (2000, 2003 and 2007) and stocks will not be about for long.  We recently spotted the 2007 Dow being offered by one of the larger UK merchants for £450 per case of 6 bottles under bond; if you bought it from us when we issued our 2007 Vintage Port offer 4 years ago, you would have paid £186.00 for the same case.
Initially, we are offering sealed 6 bottle cases only, at discounted rates, up until 30th June 2013.  Any stocks remaining on 1st July will then be available to buy as individual bottles or mixed cases at discounted rates until 31st August.  From 1st September any remaining stocks will be added to our selection at the bottle prices advertised on our website.  Click here to view the offer.
The wines themselves should be available later this year.


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